Percussion Class

Fall Performances

We have a busy fall ahead of us! In addition to our Pep Band performances, we'll perform for our elementary schools during Homecoming Week on Thursday, September 29. The highlight of our fall will be our annual Indoor Marching Band Concert on November 11-12, including a percussion feature. But don't wait too long to think about how YOU can help create this special event--start planning (and composing!) right away!

Pep Band

Be sure to check out the Pep Band Schedule! All students must attend a minimum of FIVE Pep Band performances each quarter. (If you have sports conflicts and cannot attend five, go to every Pep Band event for which you don't have a conflict.)

To help you prepare for Pep Band performances, find the original recordings (YouTube is a great resource) and play along with the online recordings at our Pep Band Music Player section.

2016 Litchfield Dragons

Congratulations on a terrific summer!


  • John Kiehn
  • Cody Lendt
  • Carter Wattenhofer †
  • Tory Wendlandt *


  • Dean Foley
  • Taylor Kargas

Bass Drum

  • Lydia Dinius
  • Erin Dollerschell *
  • Hayes Hine
  • Murphy Evans
  • William Wicklund
  • Haleigh Winkelman

Cymbals / Auxiliary

  • Katelyn Cruze
  • Peter Dinius
  • Alyssa Ross
  • George Tepfer
  • Bret Wendlandt

† and *: Student leaders

A recording of our summer song can be found HERE, and our traditional song, "Espana", is HERE. Recordings of some of our cadences are HERE.

Percussion Videos

SCV 2014 Cymbals

Cavaliers snares:


SCV 2012 standstill performance:

SCV 2011 standstill performance: